Enjoy your staying at a very tican hotel

Enjoy your stay at a very Tican hotel with quality service and reasonable rates (our prices include breakfast service).

Single Occupation

US Dollars $70

Double Occupation

US Dollars $89

Triple and Quadruple

Triple US Dollars $105
Quadruple US Dollars $125

Eco Friendly

The owners and staff of the Bahía Azul Hotel carry out good environmental practices, there is a real effort for eco-friendly actions and this is reflected in the separation of waste, recycling, and the use of products that are harmless to the environment. Something very recognizable is that the electric energy is generated from their own solar panels.

Blue Bay Hotel Costa Rica, very tican hotel, front view

We prefer organic!

In the restaurant organic crops for the preparation of the dishes are used, and many of them are harvested on the family owned property.


Single US Dollars $70

Double US Dollars $89

Triple ocuppancy US Dollars $105

Quadruple occupation US Dollars $125

Bahia Azul Hotel Uvita Costa Rica (4)
Blue Bay Hotel Costa Rica, very tican hotel


Check-in from 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 MD
Payment of your reservation upon arrival at the hotel.
We accept VISA and Master Card.
Minimum age to check in: 18 years
Prices do not include taxes.
The charge for an extra person in the room is $15.
An additional charge of $20 per room will be charged on December 23rd to 31st, as well as on January 1st.
Parking is free of charge. The hotel cannot be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle.
Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.
Minors are not allowed in the pool without the company of an adult.

Pets allowed.

Our prices include breakfast service (Continenal or Typical Breakfast). You can choose your personal vegetarian option too.

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